Our High School



IES Celrà is a state secondary school from the Education Department of the “Generalitat de Catalunya” that lies in the village of Celrà, in the north-east of Girona (Catalonia, Spain).

Our school welcomes students from over ten villages around it that are not big enough to have their own state secondary school. We host four groups at each level of compulsory secondary education and two groups at each level of non-compulsory education.

It takes pride in having developed an Educative School Project. First, by promoting four languages such as Catalan, Spanish, English and French. Secondly, by enhancing the students’ diversity of capacities and motivations through giving special attention to special needs. Thirdly, by fostering the integration of New Technologies into the learning process. And finally, by promoting high-qualified education with a European dimension, for example taking part in partnerships.  In order to work and achieve this European dimension, the school has applied for European project funds in the past. That project is known as Comenius. Currently, our school has the will to resume the European dimension and give our students the chance to work side by side with other European peers on cross-curricular activities.

 The participation in projects such as these gives our students the chance to develop a European dimension. This means working in collaboration with other European partners from different school systems,  learning from their culture and language, sharing and working in teams,  eliminating stereotypes, being stricter with and more responsible for their work, learning to meet deadlines, taking advantage of the use of new technologies etc.